Real Talk With T-Marie

We all have heard the song by Usher, “Trading Places”…basically discussing the reverse roles in the bedroom. Sometimes I feel that concept of “switching roles” is a pretty good one. Society’s portrayal of the male & female relationship role is typically the man is the lead and women play the submissive. Now this is not to say women are in anyway inferior or less than, it’s just the “set-up” that society has deemed the typical male-female roles in a relationship.

Myself having gone through some failed relationships and allowing “the man” to take the lead and dictate the rules, in essence I feel I had chose to play into what I thought would “keep him around or what I was supposed to do to be “the good woman”…” How wrong was I??? well let’s just say that I have truly grown and learned to trade places, and I’m lovin the new position I’ve put myself in and the rules I now have set up.

To say I am the man in the relationship, well I’ll take that. Ladies, men sometimes don’t respond well when they are given a big gulp of their own medicine. The non-chalant attitude of him not being your priority, and yes there are ALWAYS OPTIONS, and he is very much replaceable…The ability to have sex without all the emotional bullshit, and most importantly, the constant effort of putting yourself and your needs & wants first. I have embraced this new role I chose to play, and wish I had taken the lead a long time ago. It would have saved me all the unnecessary frogs I’ve encountered and I may have even found my prince by now. I say better late than never. Sometimes we need to go through all the experiences of being hurt, used, played, whatever you’ve been through, to realize our worth, our standards of what is acceptable, and stand on that position no matter what. DO NOT WAIVER!

As women, it’s sometimes hard to not let the emotions get in the way and we lose focus of what we truly are supposed to want and should tolerate, but somehow men will definitely give you a quick reality check, and remind you of why switching up the roles might just be what the doctor ordered. Does this mean that you should never submit or allow your man to take the lead and play the role that was initially meant for him? Not at all, but every man truly DO NOT deserve that position, so be selective and be cautious when entering into a relationship. Some relationships are meant to only be teachable snippets of the real one that is meant for you, and I do believe you will know when he arrives, because you will gladly play your position naturally and eagerly because he would have earned it.


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