The Dream Filed Divorce Papers 9 Days Before Christina Gave Birth…

The more and more I read about The Dream, the more he irks me.

TMZ reports:

According to documents filed in Georgia and obtained by TMZ, The-Dream — aka Terius Nash — claims the marriage is “irretrievably broken.”

The-Dream filed his papers on February 17, but the docs never surfaced until we found out.

Milian gave birth to their only child, a daughter, on February 26.

In the divorce docs, The-Dream declares, “There is no hope for reconciliation.”

It also stated in the documents that The Dream and Christina were living in a bonafide state of seperation before the filing of these papers.

Read court docs HERE

So first The Dream didn’t have enough respect for his wife or his child on the way, to @ least deal with this divorce matter until after the baby was born. And if they only got married in September 2009, they stayed together for less than 6 months after…what’s really going on  in this household…..hmmmmmmmmmmm?

The Dream stated in this interview following his divorce filing,  that he and Christina were just fine, but we all speculated otherwise, since they were never seen together after the baby was born. Then these pics surfaced, and Christina seemed to ‘appear’ blindsided…or was she? Because clearly they were not together all this time.

And let’s not forget The Dream’s “public” apology he posted to his website *side eye*

This whole thing is a HOT MESS!!  This whole “so-called marriage” seems more like a business arrangement gone bad. And at the end of it all,  The Dream doesn’t seem to care about anyone, except himself and his money.  SMH!!

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