Stay Tuned For The Upcoming ‘Special Episode’ Of The Kardashians: “Meet Khloe’s REAL DAD”…

I try not to report on RUMORS, and I try and stay away from the faux Kardashian clan, but this right here, I believe has some truth to it.

We know recently the late Robert Kardashian’s ex wives revealed that Rob supposedly admitted that Khloe wasn’t his biological daughter, but he loved her so much and accepted her as his. Of course Kris said their statements were ridiculous, and Khloe tweeted “it was disgusting”.

But we also know that Kris Jenner in her recent book, revealed she had an affair during her marriage to Rob Kardashian.

Hence, this all makes sense…

We all have been saying that Khloe Kardashian looks NOTHING like the others, and something wasn’t right. She questioned it on a strategically scripted episode on their show when Kris  ‘supposedly’ took a DNA test to prove she was indeed Khloe’s mama. That’s all well and good, but who’s her daddy, though?

Well according to

Kris ‘pimp-momager’ Jenner wants to introduce Khloe’s real biological father as a plot point on a “very special episode” of one of the Kardashian shows. (FYI, Kris did tell Khloe who the man is already, so this is not coming a surprise for anyone in their family. Plus it’s all leaking out this week, despite Kris’ desire to keep it a secret until showtime to make the ratings as high as possible.) (I believe this 100%)

Well, we’re showing you before ‘the big reveal’. Meet Alex Roldan, Kris Jenner’s hairdresser. This is Khloe Kardashian’s biological father. He worked on a music video that Kris Kardashian did for her 30th birthday called “I Love My Friends”. Alex is now a hairdresser in West Hollywood.

While Robert Kardashian was only 5’7″ tall, Alex is a much larger man, standing approximately six feet tall. By the way, Khloe’s middle name is Alexandra.

Uh huh, I believe this man could be Khloe’s dad. Do you see the resemblance?

They’re saying Khloe is very upset with her family, as this was supposedly revealed to her recently.

This is the video featuring Kris and her friends ( including Alex, Khloe’s daddy)

The truth is, out of all of them, Khloe is the 1 I can actually tolerate and may even like a little. So this explains why, she’s not a Kardashian, she has substance in her DNA.

Since it’s being said that everyone’s pretty much over the Kardashian overkill, and it’s time for them to go away, what better way to get America’s attention, maybe even their sympathy, with something like this.

There’s nothing they won’t do in the name of ratings!!! SMH!!

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