Oprah Interviewed Michael Jackson’s Mother & His Kids: What Did We Learn?…


I’m sure most of us who were able to watch, were all glued to Oprah yesterday when she finally was able to speak to the woman who has never said much–Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson–and Michael Jackson’s children, Prince, Paris and Blanket (I wish they call Blanket something else…I just can’t with that name.)

Watching Katherine was an emotional watch, because she clearly is still very much hurting and is grieving for her child, who loved her so much. She couldn’t mention Michael without crying. Katherine has always been quiet, never spoke out to the media much, but clearly is the glue that keeps that family together.

She talked about Michael Jackson’s playfulness, his Vitiligo, but yes confirmed he did have something done to his skin to even out the blotching from the Vitiligo. She also mentioned how Michael was so unhappy with how he looked. But she wasn’t happy with him getting his nose done, and even reached out to the plastic surgeon herself to encourage him not to perform anymore nose surgeries on her son, which she felt became too small.

What we learned that was new from Katherine, which was kinda funny, was her reaction when she first spoke with MJ’s ex-wife, Lisa Marie Presley. How she thought she sounded like a black girl. Katherine did state that Lisa Marie loved her son very much.

As far as Michael’s kids, we see they are very well-spoken and definitely what we can consider normal kids–especially since they’ve lived such sheltered lives when their father was alive.

We learned Prince wants to be a film director, Paris wants to be an actress, and Paris also shared how her dad was the best cook and made the best breakfast–especially French Toast. Paris is definitely the spokesperson for her and her siblings, for she was the most outspoken. She still has pics of her dad all over her room, and is very adamant on letting the world know, though her dad was strict, she feels we don’t understand how great of a father he was–and he was the best dad ever.  She misses everything about him, especially her private time with him without her brothers.

Of course all the nieces and nephews all want to be in show biz as well, and Joe Jackson is still denying that he was an abusive father…SMH! He and Katherine did confirm they are still together and are not divorced.

Check out the videos below of the full interview, because this was a very interesting sit down with the family…

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