My Conversation w/ Cee Lo Green & His Daughter Sierra Symone (Part 1)


You guys may remember Cee Lo’s daughter Sierra from the 2005 MTV’s ‘My Super Sweet 16″, and the spinoff in 2008, ‘Exiled’.

Well, I had the opportunity this past Wednesday-May 18, to catch up with Sierra, who’s all grown up now, a mom to her son True Fighter, and is working on new music, her makeup company- ‘Kiss & Makeup’ (she’s done makeup for Tyler Perry’s plays and her own in the video),  and more.

I hung out with her and her dad in Cee Lo’s studio here in ATL, and got the chance to hear all that Sierra has going on.

Her dad even spoke briefly about being nominated for a BET AWARD in the R & B category…

Check out part 1 of my  BUZZ EXCLUSIVE below>>

pics courtesy of: Tyree Spencer of TS Photo Designs

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