“Livin The Life” With Singer Monica…Behind The Scenes…..

Jul 15, 2009 | By:


If you watched the video below with Monica in the studio with her son Lil Rocko, you know he is a big fan of Soulja Boy, and asked if he could meet Soulja Boy.. Well Mama Monica hooked her boy up.. Lil Rocko got his wish, and Soulja Boy came through for Lil Rocko…awwwwwwwwwww, it’s good when your mom got the hook-ups!!

Monica posted below pic with a quote…  “Shout out to Soulja Boy. U coming by to meet Lil Rocko meant a lot. A mother loves to make her kids dreams come true”


BELOW POST:[JULY 12, 2009]

Jermaine Dupri has a show that he does called   “Livin The Life”.. In this video, he goes into the recording studio with Monica, and she lets us know her reality show..   “STILL STANDING” will premiere on BET October 27, 2009, so make sure you be on the lookout for that…. Her son Lil Rocko is the real star of this video when he starts dancing doing the Halle Berry and the Soulja Boy…too, too cute!! Monica also schools us on “Being Real”….We love Monica!!!




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