Khloe & Lamar Are “UNBREAKABLE”, Just In Time For Valentine’s Day…

Khloe & Lamar are launching their unisex fragrance, “Unbreakable by Khloé and Lamar” on February 12, and I’m definitely curious to see how it smells. Me smelling like my man, and vice versa…this should be interesting, and a great idea if it works.

Khloe posted on her blog:

Lamar’s and my fragrance is launching in a week and we could not be more excited!!! It’s called “Unbreakable by Khloé and Lamar” and it’s designed for both men and women. This project has been in the works for months now and we were involved every step of the way to make sure the fragrance was a true fusion of ourselves and our personalities. We are absolutely thrilled with how it turned out!!! We’ve both been wearing it every day since its completion and I can’t stop smelling myself LOL. People literally stop me and ask what I’m wearing and the fact that I can say my own fragrance blows my mind!!!

The fragrance will launch on February 12 (just in time for Valentine’s Day) and will be sold exclusively at Perfumania.

Lamar and I are doing a meet and greet at the Florida Mall Perfumania in Orlando on the day of its release at 7pm. Can’t wait to see you guys!!!! xoxoxo

Updated to add: Check out their commercial below>

Lamar Odom’s getting his branding on since becoming a Kardashian…can’t knock the hustle!!

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