How To Host A Fabulous Dinner Party From The Renowned Bevy Smith…

1 of the things on my life list is to be chosen as one of the special guests at Bevy Smith’s ‘Dinner With Bevy’. We got a glimpse of 1 of her dinner parties this past Sunday on Chef Roble & Co.

She brings intimacy, class, culture and fun to the art of networking.

Word on the streets, Bevy is “The Oprah of Entertaining”.

Bevy wrote for Black Voices awhile back, to give us some tips on hosting a fabulous and memorable dinner party…she writes:

I’ve hosted dinner parties for celebrities, ranging from the sexy chocolate Idris Elba to the charmingly, unpredictable Solange. As the creator of Dinner With Bevy, a unique service that hosts one-of-a-kind dinner parties for marquee names, it’s my job to create festive and chic environments where celebs can enjoy themselves and make valuable business and press contacts. Through my work, I’ve learned quite a bit about the art of throwing a perfect dinner party. It’s not rocket science, especially if you follow a few simple guidelines.

Some people think that hosting a dinner party is difficult and are often intimidated at the thought of it. Clients have even asked for a cocktail party instead. Cocktail events are nice, but if you want to connect people, there’s nothing better than breaking bread with a person to foster a relationship. Some of you might be thinking it sounds “bourgie,” but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve had dinners morph into dance parties with Sanaa Lathan leading a Michael Jackson sing-a-long or a top editor “winding” with Ashanti to reggae! The evening starts with you, the host. You set the tone for the night and are responsible for how it will be remembered! No matter how delicious the food, plentiful the drink or gorgeous the decor, it’s the fellow guests who will cause people to rave about a successful dinner party.

Hosts often make the mistake of creating a guest list from their same group of friends… BORING! I don’t want to see the same crowd at every event, do you? Use the dinner as a platform to create new friendships; feel free to mix it up.

Read more of Bevy’s tips HERE.

Keep up with Bevy on DinnerwithBevy.com and follow her on Twitter @BevySmith

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