Former G-Unit First Lady Olivia, Hooks Up w/Drake For New Mixtape, Her Label Bidding War & VH-1 Show?

Olivia will be releasing her mixtape soon, “Under The Radar”, and based on this new leak featuring Drake, “CONTROL”, she sounds like she’s on the right track. She kicked it with Hip-Hop DX, to discuss her departure from G-Unit, what she’s been up to & how this summer she’ll be shuttin folks down…


HipHopDX: Of course we all know you as the R&B singer that “was” down with G-Unit. Since the departure many of us would like to know what Olivia’s been up to lately?

Olivia: I’ve been touring overseas the past two years, doing movies. I’ve been everywhere. I’ve been on my grind man and my new mixtape is coming, Under the Radar. I’m working with DJ Whoo Kid [and] Sha Money XL so this will be my second mixtape. I’m really hype right now.

DX: So you call your mixtape Under the Radar. With the power that G-Unit had in its prime, is this title choice to verify you didn’t receive your proper shine at the label?

Olivia: Definitely that’s why I called it that on purpose. That why the album is called Show The World, because I feel like I have a lot of talent to show. Most people don’t realize how talented I am. So I figured this is a better time to show everybody now.

DX: What really happened with G-Unit?

Olivia: It was just a conflict with everything, being that their all rappers and I was an R&B artist. We had no presence at the label and I did everything through 50 [Cent]. I didn’t have to call [Interscope-Geffen-A&M Records Chairman] Jimmy Iovine, I would call 50 directly and we would try to figure things out. He was marketing me as a rapper, and I coulnd’t get mad at him, because that was all he knew. I can’t get mad at him, because that was a formula he was taught himself. We just couldn’t get it right, because we had nobody to tell him what R&B music was and what direction to take me. That was the only big issue and other than that I’m still working with everybody.

DX: Rumor says that you have a bidding war going on right now with a few major labels. What’s going on?

Olivia: I can’t give you no scoop, but right now it’s four labels vying for my attention. I got a lot big things in the works and I haven’t touched on my Vh1 show. I can’t talk too much about that, but the girl will be on fire this summer. I’m about to be shutting a lot of people down, I’m excited.


pic: City Scenes Mag

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