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The film “Things Fall Apart,” which stars 50 Cent as a college football player stricken with cancer, made its world premiere March 5 at the Miami International Film Festival.

Last year, 50 Cent drew headlines over his commitment to playing the role of Deon Barnes, a University of Michigan football player whose hopes of an NFL career are derailed by a cancer diagnosis. For the role, 50 Cent lost more than 50 pounds. Stills from the film, directed by Mario Van Peebles, showed the rapper looking shockingly emaciated and nearly unrecognizable.

50 Cent said he was inspired to do this film because he lost his best friend from childhood to Cancer, and watched the struggle and the fight he had to go through, so he was able to draw from that experience.

Besides writing the script, 50 Cent produced and financed the picture himself too, via his Cheetah Vision Films production company. The film’s director, Mario Van Peebles, also acts in the film along with Ray Liotta, who plays Barnes’ doctor, and it also stars Lynn Whitfield.

Check out the unofficial trailer of the film below>>>

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As I tweeted last night…


The film looks good, and I’m sure  we’ll be pleasantly surprised at 50’s acting.

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