DeShawn Snow the Philanthropist, the businesswoman, the mother of three boys, and wife to NBA veteran Eric Snow. We all know her best from her role on Bravo’s Reality Show “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” She talks with Hotlanta Buzz about her foundation and doing her own Reality Television show.

Hotlanta Buzz Online:“We all know of your foundation which is dedicated to helping young girls, The DeShawn Snow Foundation…Why was this particular cause so close to your heart?”

DeShawn Snow: “I have dedicated my life to empower, encourage, and enrich the lives of teenage girls and young women. I know that my life could have turned out completely different from what it is today had it not been for God’s unconditional love, grace and mercy. I think it is important for me to tell my story so that others may learn from my mistakes. Additionally, I want to expose the girls to different things so they can know that the world is their oyster. They can have life and have it more abundantly regardless of what labels they are given, what environments they are currently in, and what mistakes they have made.

Hotlanta Buzz Online: “What upcoming events is the foundation having, how can everyone help?

DeShawn Snow:“This has been an amazing year for us! Our Angels program has just been implemented in the following schools: The School of Technology, Engineering, Math and Science at Therell High School; The Coretta Scott King Young Women’s Leadership Academy; and Integrity Christian Academy. Some of our upcoming programs include, Angels High Society (tutoring/mentoring program for our angels involving Women of Influence)…and upcoming events include, our 1st annual College Fair on April 25th at Ivy Preparatory Academy. Everyone can help through lending their hand or their handbags, monetary donations can be done online via our website, Volunteer time or professional services by facilitating a workshop or being a guest speaker during our camp.  We also have our gala coming  up in July.” Please contact www.deshawnsnowfoundation.org for more ways to help and more info on the Angels Program and the Gala.

Hotlanta Buzz Online: “Being that your personality does not seem to be drama- filled, what made you decide to do Atlanta Housewives?”

DeShawn Snow:“I wanted to do the show because I thought it would be great exposure for DSF (DeShawn Snow Foundation), and it definitely has.”

Hotlanta Buzz Online: “Would you consider, or are you considering another reality television show?”

DeShawn Snow: “Absolutely! I am actually in the process of developing a reality show that would include my girls (from DSF). You all definitely have not seen the last of me!!”

Hotlanta Buzz Online: “When can we expect to see this reality show you’re working on?”

DeShawn Snow: “I am just in the development stages of the reality show, trying to fine tune the concept. I am also in the process of pitching an animated series based on my children’s book series, Lil Shawnee.”

Hotlanta Buzz Online:“Name 3 things that would surprise us about DeShawn Snow?”
DeShawn Snow: “I am a licensed Minister at New Birth; I have never played any types of sports, and I am a vegetarian.”

Hotlanta Buzz Online: “You married your college sweetheart, who happens to be a famous athlete, and you two have built a strong family foundation. What advice do you give for couples/families to stay together in times of consistent challenges?”

DeShawn Snow: “Several things…Communication is key, must have a strong sense of self.
Know that your profession (athletics/entertainment/etc) is just a platform for you. It should not define you; it is not your source. Don’t bring the game home, meaning leave everything on the court. When you are home, you are home. Your family is all that matters. Know that your gift is a blessing from God and He should be given all the glory.”



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