St. Augustine Senior Banned From Graduation Because Of His Facebook Post…

As reported on The Grio:

St. Augustine’s College senior Roman Caple is slated to graduate this Sunday with the class of 2011 but he was informed on Wednesday that he wouldn’t be able to walk at his graduation, as reported by ABC11.

According to Caple, the vice president of student affairs told him the omission was based on a Facebook post on his profile that “jeopardized the integrity of the college.”

Caple went through his Facebook page with ABC11 saying, “Here’s the post that I believe they are referring to as to being putting this college in a negative light. It says ‘St. Augs is holding classes tomorrow and students in Falcrest still don’t have power. Like, wtf. Really? #dumb.'”

St. Augustine’s released a short statement to ABC11 saying: “As written in our Code of Conduct, Saint Augustine’s College students are expected to support the College’s mission. The College reserves the right to take appropriate actions when student conduct conflicts with the institutional mission.”

WOW!! Do you agree with the stance the college is taking?

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