Jordin Sparks Says She’s “Smitten” With Boyfriend Jason Derulo & Discusses Whether She’ll Stay A Virgin…

Jordin Sparks guest co-hosted yesterday during the 4th hour of the Today Show with Hoda Kotb, where she discussed her upcoming movie with Whitney Houston- ‘Sparkle’, her boo Jason Derulo and how she is very smitten, and also whether she still holds that ‘promise’ of remaining a virgin until marriage, when discussing her purity ring that was given to her by her mother at the age of 13.

On hooking up with her boyfriend Jason Derulo:

“It actually came out of left field. I’ve known him for a couple of years and there was never anything there. We see each other and just being acquaintances. He kinda just came out of left field and swept me off my feet, and I’m quite smitten with the guy, I must say.”

On wearing her purity ring:

“When I was 13 my mom spoke to me about purity and waiting for marriage and different things like that. At the time I was like sure, that sounds great. I can’t say what’s gonna happen a couple of months from now. People grow, you know.”

Watch below…

Recently we got a first look at Jordin and Whitney Houston in ‘SPARKLE’ [via:]

Jordin gushed about working with Whitney Houston:

“She was so cool and very motherly toward me,” says the former American Idol winner, 22, who marks her film debut in the remake of a 1976 movie that originally starred Lonette McKee and Irene Cara. “If I ever looked like I needed something, here she came saying ‘Are you okay?’ ”

“I sang her songs into a hairbrush when I was little,” says Sparks. “Now she’s acting as my mom and scolding me. It was a dream come true.”

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