Diddy’s Princess, Chance Combs, & Her OWN ‘Party At Tiffany’s’ Birthday Party…

Diddy’s oldest daughter celebrated her 5th birthday in grand style at Pink Pastry Parlor in Alpharetta,Ga, home to the OWN network’s show “Party At Tiffany’s”

Mama Sarah, Daddy Diddy, and a host of others, were there to celebrate with Princess Chance.

As reported on TalkingwithTami:

She arrived in a stretched out bubble gum pink hummer dressed to the nines in a Pink sparkle dress!  Her and her gal pals had mini makeovers, a private tea party, slumber party,baking session and more. At the end of the party they had a photoshoot and runway walk off, how fun.

Make sure to catch the show that will air on OWN network’s ‘Party at Tiffany’s.’

Looks like sisters, the twins, D’Lila & Jessie didn’t make it. *sigh*, but more pics below>>>

More pics at TalkingwithTami

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