CONGRATS To Biggie’s Lil’ Girl, T’yanna, Who Graduated High School Yesterday…

Hip-Hop author Dream Hampton (whose most recent work included her collaboration with Jay-Z  on his book ‘Decoded’) tweeted yesterday[May 29, 2011]:

Everyone say congratulations to T’yanna Dream Wallace…she graduated h.s. today!!! Our baby from the Juicy video is on her way! @tyanna810.

T’yanna pictured w/ Lil Cease on her big day:

And he tweeted:

“Congrads to my babygirl @tyanna810 4 a big acompliment 2day… I’m truly am proud of u & I’m alway here 4 u!!”

T’yanna is the daughter of the late, great, Biggie Smalls. Based on her Tumblr, she’s about all things fashion, and a huge fan of Chris Brown. In her Twitter bio, she sums it up with this quote:

I’m Tyanna. My dad is famous, not me :) The End!

It is reported that T’yanna wants to have a career in the fashion industry and maybe even launch her own line.

T’yanna’s younger brother and Biggie’s son-CJ, is currently co-starring with Will Ferrell in the movie “Everything Must Go”.

Clearly the creative genes have been passed on from their daddy. It’s great to hear they’re both doing well.

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