BUZZ Review: Nas’ ‘Life Is Good’ Is Going To Be One Of The Most Underrated Albums Of The Year…

Here’s a look inside Nas’ album release party earlier this week…

In the ever-changing world of Hip-Hop, it’s hard to stay relevant period, especially for 17 years. But Mr. Nasir Jones (a.k.a Nas) has managed to be a beacon for conscious rap for nearly two decades. I would say that Nas is back on the come-up, but honestly, you can’t come back if you never left.

Nas has always been a strong force in the Hip-Hop game. His last album was untitled and released in 2008, so he’s been putting in work on this album for some time. But he tied us over with several features with such artists as Common, to Amy Winehouse, who is also on the album’s thirteenth track. He stayed relevant because his rhymes have always been relevant. He’s always had those rhymes that make you contemplate; rhymes that the urban crowd and general public can relate to.

“P.S. 111 had free lunch, embarrassed, but managed to get a plate”

It’s that type of reminiscent feel that starts the album off with the intro track “No Introduction”, and is present all throughout the album.

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