Blue Ivy’s Diamond-Encrusted Barbie Doll…


…is what’s being said Blue got for her 1st birthday.

As you know, Blue celebrated her 1st birthday on January 7.

As reported on the Huffington Post:

The couple are believed to have spent around £50,000 on the doll for their daughter, which is covered in 160 diamonds and sports white gold jewellery.

They also held a lavish celebration for their family and friends in New York, which saw them fork out £60,000 on white and pink roses to use for decoration and a cake, which cost £1,500.

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BUZZ Will Be Live Blogging During Tonight’s 70th Golden Globe Awards…


Our @Deb179 will be live blogging on @BuzzInTheCity during tonight’s 70th @GoldenGlobes Awards. Make sure to follow Buzz on Twitter and Like us on FB so you can join in on the conversation! #GoldenGlobes #TEAMBUZZ.

It all starts at 6pm when the red carpet begins. And the show will start at 8pm EST.

*Sponsored Post* IT WORKS!!! 2013 Has Just Begun…It’s Time To Wrap It Up!!!


Y’all know the routine, new year, new you. The body improvement goals are in full effect.

I was speaking to a friend who was telling me about how she was using It Works body applicators, and me listening with a side eye, was not too quick to wanna believe It Works, worked. But seeing the before and after pics of my friend after just 6 weeks, I started thinking I may try this for myself.


[featured on GMA]

What is It WorksContinue reading *Sponsored Post* IT WORKS!!! 2013 Has Just Begun…It’s Time To Wrap It Up!!!

Karrueche Opens Up About Chris Brown & Rihanna…


In an exclusive with, Karrueche finally opens up about Chris Brown, Rihanna, and also discusses her clothing line, ‘The Kill.’

Read some excerpts below:

How do you feel about it? Are you happy with your love life at the current moment?

I mean at the time, but right now of course not. It’s a lot going on but it could be a lot worse. And that’s how I look at life. I take it for what it is. I move forward, grow from it and at this point, that’s what I’m doing. I’m not gonna sit and dwell and become consumed in that negativity because I could very much be that person, especially when things are so public and so thrown in my face. But like I said, things can be much worse. So I’m good.

Everything just gets misunderstood.



How hard is it to work with Chris with everything that’s going on? Continue reading Karrueche Opens Up About Chris Brown & Rihanna…

Buzz Snapshots: Inside Amber Rose’s Baby Shower…

photo 3

I have to admit, I always thought Amber was just some attention seeking chick looking for her next come up. But post Kanye, I’ve grown fond of Amber Rose. I love her and Wiz Khalifa as a couple.

As we wait for the arrival of their lil’ Wiz, here are some pics from inside the baby shower which was attended by Christina Milian, Tocarra, and fellow mommy to be, Lola Monroe. Continue reading Buzz Snapshots: Inside Amber Rose’s Baby Shower…