BET presents their new late night talk show hosted by whom else but the Queen of Comedy herself, Mo’Nique!



Will be taping here in Atlanta and now BET is giving YOU a chance to be apart of the live studio audience!

To Join the Excitement of Seeing “The Monique Show” LIVE in Atlanta, Please Email:

Please include your first and last name, a contact number, your email address, the number of guests including their first and last names, and which day you would like to attend a taping. Taping begins on SEPTEMBER 1, 2009 and will be on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays.

You will receive an email and a phone call within 48 hours. Please be patient as BET’s “MO’NIQUE” Audience Department receives hundreds of requests a day, and only one entry is necessary. Please be advised no cameras or recording devices are allowed in the studio. Bring a valid photo id for check-in.

No one under the age of 18 is permitted so PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU AND ALL GUESTS ARE 18 and OLDER.


  1. Hey ms. monique, I know I should leave a comment, but I cant. I have a story to tell and I will only tell you, I think YOU CAN help me move forward WITH MY LIFE, THIS STORY NEEDS TO BE TOLD. SO IF YOU WOULD CONTACT PLEASE, NO BULL MY STORY CAN HELP ALOT OF PEOPLE THANKS

  2. Hello, Mo,nique. My name is Pierre Ronald. It’s for a great honored with full of grace of desperation I write down this note to you. This is also for a deeply appreciation that I would like to participate in your show. I am an author, I wrote two books about my autobiography and immigrant. Book titles” The autobiography of an Immigrant Story. And other one” Confronted. I am Haitian, but I am currently make a living in Brooklyn, NY with my family. I am dedicated my true life story to the most positive light, and I would like share the ideal to whomever people. The first book is based on my true story and the difficulty I had, when my family and I where moving to live in the United States of America. Here it comes right now, this book of mine has it all the information about myself and how you can dream their dreams bigger.

    The second book is about the street life living environmentally in Brooklyn, NY. As for me personally I live an apartment building. Inside of the place there’s theft activity going on. The tenants keep losing their properties, they have no idea what’s going on and whatsoever. We are the police on the local are to stop the perpetrator, we believe the superintendent is the one who behinds the wrongdoing. That’s right I wrote this books about, it’s important to let people know about.

    I would be glad if you helped me in inviting to your show for my chance to achieve my goal, in order to well-being and remaining on the field. If you are interested to help me and walk alongside. Please, feel free to be contacting me at (347)715-7327 or, A very special thanks to you in case of consideration.

  3. Please send me a Ticket to your show, you are my mentor, i have a special thing for you. God bless you thanks. Reply me very soon.

  4. please monique send me a Ticket to your show, you are my mentor. I have a special thing that i want to give to you. God bless and Happy New year.Please reply me very soon.

  5. I’m Nelle, FAT Chance Season 2 finalist-wondering if Monique would remember me? I’d love to reunite with her again, as she gave me the greatest gift in 2006 by choosing me to be a part of the Fat Chance Pageant. It was the best experience of my life. Thanks and Blessings Monique! Nelle (Miami, Florida)

  6. Good Afternoon! My name is Lakisha M. Sanders and I am from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and it is not by accident that I was granted access to have my book published. I would count it an honor to be a part of your talk show to discuss my upcoming book, “The Secret Is Out: It’s Time To Break Ground.” This book serves as an instrument to heal the broken hearted and offer strength to the weak and those in need of a breakthrough. I am excited about my book and want others to feel the same excitement. This book entails a plethora of experiences that include people who have been sexually assaulted, suffering from alcoholic addictions to those who may be addicted to drugs, etc. in the form of monologues. This book also gives empowering messages to uplift the spirit of the readers to help them understand that there is a way of escape for them and their situations. I strongly believe that many people will become inspired through these short stories and see a brighter future ahead. The road wasn’t always easy for me and I want to aid in someone else’s journey to let them know that they don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. I am honored that God granted me access to write my first book, “The Secret Is Out: It’s Time To Break Ground” and share it with the world. It is my prayer that you would take into consideration the need to include me into your talk show to speak about my new book! I am a very fun, exciting, motivational and an inspiring young adult with an outgoing personality. For your enjoyment, you can visit my website at to find out more information on Lakisha M. Sanders. Thank you for your time, God Bless!

  7. The next time you have a segment on fitness and nutrition give me chance to come to the show. I’m very successfully helping people lose weight. You can contact me at 678-683-1820.

  8. I would love to be apart of The Monique Show i will be visiting from Chicago April 29,2010 thanking you in advance Shantella Greer 773-759-3467

  9. The lost of the spellman college student jasmine lynn was very sad and I wish the best for her family. There has been a mistake and there has been an unfair trial! Devonni Benton Vs State of Georgia! Devonni is innocent and there was not enough evidence to prove him guilty and on Friday evening 9 of the jurors thought the same exact thing. 9 jurors said not guilty and 3 said guilty. The judge let the jurors go home..the next evening the jurors came back with a Verdict. How does 9 jurors let 3 change their mind in a matter of hours! Something was not right here, there was a twist in this! We are asking that you please help us. There is an innocent man in jail for life! The killer is still out here..please help. 6490 buckhurst trail atlanta ga 30349

  10. Great Day, I am very much interested in being apart of the support committee for the one and only Mo’Nique…. My home girl from Cincinnati calls every other day inquiring about tickets to attend. She and her daugthers are prepared to make a special trip here for the occassion. We would be honored to receive 6 tickets. Thanks In Advance

  11. Dear Monique, my name is Azalea and I am a cousin of Tyler Perry the play writer the reason i’m writing is because i’ve been watching a man by the name of Robert Beasley who is a play writer, a native of Atlanta Georgia,who have wrote some extraordinary plays and books that empowers black women he is the type of man that does not ask for the notorioty,he is the type of man that writes the plays and sets women in place as the producers to get the credit.He has written some of the most talked about plays such as No Man is Greater then his Woman, What a man wants maynot be what a man needs,Now the truth is out and I know love is blind,Now all hat’s off to a queen, The Lawd done sent me a man etc. and I think that this type of individual should be recognized for such awesome talent and the reason I haven’t mention him to my cousin Tyler is because they are both play writers and I don’t know if this would cause a conflict of interest but I do know that this type of light and wisdom should be displayed to the world. Now if this message doesn’t reach you Monique personally I hope the hands of whom ever it falls in please place it in the hands of the proper authority so this wish could be executed properly. Thanks and best wishes to the Monique show.

  12. Hi Monique, I’m trying to figure out how I can be a guest on your show. I am a 31 year old male and I play the guitar. I’ve been playing for twenty years. I play for churches and different groups,but I am not yet where I would like to be. I am truely a minister of music and I just want to share what God has given me with the world. I’m from a small town in Arkansas where it is hard to be recognized. I had the opportunity to appear on The Bobby Jones show with one of the gospel groups I play for, but I still feel that God has something greater for me. I watch your show and I am a fan! While watching your show I’ve noticed that you help people who has talent that goes unnoticed as well as the famous… which was different to me. I just look at that as an opportunity for me. If I’m on the wrong site, please feel free to email me @ to redirect me.Thank you.

  13. How could my client Chris Tian be a guest on Mo’nique’s Show to share his campaign and music supporting pets in need. Chris Tian is launching a MAJOR/NATIONAL campaign with ADOPT-A-PET.

    R&b Artist Chris Tian helps raise money for with his ALL ABOUT LOVE campaign from November 3rd until January 5th, 2010 by sharing 50% of the sales of 2 songs during those dates. Please help these pets in great need!

  14. Im tryin to get my girl a Free ticket to your show. dont know what im really doing dont know how to get the tickets,,lol But hope you get this message God Bless Monique OH YEA YOU REMAIN ME OF MY AUNT YOU ACK JUST LIKE HER WHEN SHE AND YOU TALK ABOUT REAL LIFE SUBJECT ALL MOUTH ARE CLOSE AND EARS ARE OPEN MY CELL NUMBER IS 845 475 2810

  15. Monique u r my inspiration to move forward with my weight loss struggle. U look great and I know ur show will be a smashing success.

  16. Hello Monique, My name is Mary Moses, I am a president of a motorcycle club, Monique, I need your help to please help me find a heart donor for my best friend. I need someone that will donate a family member heart for my friend. I don’t want to lose my best friend. Thank you!
    Monique, all i can do is ask, because we never know who knows who, are who have what. Thank you.

  17. Dear Monique,
    You must google Southern Girl by Daisy Mae Byrd. I have a great story to share with the world. Read the site and let me know if it’s good enough fo rdiscussion on your show.There is lots more to tell you about my project. Point is, livein down here in Savannah has made it difficult to promote my book properly. at 55 years old giving me a chance could mean helping me out of poverty. Let me hear from you and and company. 912 429 0207 or 912 344 4001

  18. I am excited truly hoping I get on the show to see my mentor; I love Monique! she’s a diamond; looking forward to the evening of laughter;

    You Go Monique another piece of the puzzle to your life…you just keep growing.


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